G3 Shepherd Training: Fall 2011

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 12-01-11

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Genesis 31:17-55 | 12/4/2011

“Jacob’s Exodus” seen in Genesis 31:17-55…provides a paradigm for thinking about our own lives and will be the focus of your prayerful, biblical discussions this week. May you be encouraged by the Providence of God at work in all the circumstances, both good and bad, of your lives and in the lives of those we love. And may the Christmas story of Jesus’ “reverse exodus” be seen and treasured afresh among you as the greatest news in all the universe!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 11-27-11

Ken Peet,Tim Arlen | Psalms | 11/27/2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all…hope your celebration is/was a joyful blessing remembering the goodness and grace of our God! And now we transition into the blessed Advent season as we celebrate the incarnation and salvation of our Lord!

G3 Shepherd Training for the Week of 11-20-11

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Genesis 29:30-30:24 | 11/20/2011

This Sunday we’ll take a look at “Speckled Goats and Black Sheep” from Genesis 30:25-31:18. No, you will not hear a lecture on husbandry, but I’m sure you’ll hear a message from the heart of God through the faithful preaching of His Word! One take away I had after doing the audio with Pastor Tim was a reminder of the importance of regular spiritual reflection and action. I am praying your sharing time will be particularly rich as you encourage your people to see and savor the faithful presence and providence of God in their lives over the years.

G3 Shepherd Training for the Week of 11-13-11

Tim Theule | Genesis 20:30-30:24 | 11/13/2011

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 11-06-11

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Genesis 29:1-30 | 11/6/2011

What is your “well stone?” Who or what is your “Leah in the morning?” Who is your “Uncle Laban?” And where is your “Haran?” We must ask these and other critical questions of the text as we consider together “Labor of Love” from Genesis 29:1-30 in our fall series, “The Life of Jacob.” What is God up to in the very real hurts and disappointments of your life? May the Lord open our hearts afresh this Sunday to see and delight in His hard, yet happy, providence.

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 10-30-11

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Genesis 28 | 10/30/2011

Will we build our own “ziggurats” or will we climb God’s “Stairway to Heaven” to enter “The Gate of Heaven?” This Sunday we will lift Jesus up as the only Way to salvation as we consider “The Gate of Heaven” from Genesis 28 in our fall series, “The Life of Jacob.” Let’s “uncork” the celebration in our groups together of God’s triumph of grace over religion!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 10-16-11

Ken Peet,Tim Arlen | Ephesians 5:15-25,6:1-4 | 10/16/2011

This week Family Ministries Pastor Ken Peet will share “God’s Plan and Purpose for Families” from Ephesians 5:15-25 and 6:1-4. Let’s face it, doing family is hard! And doing family God’s way is impossible without the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Shepherds, take the lead in opening up the struggles you are facing in your own family as you seek within those relationships to reflect God’s glory and grow in holiness. We have many families “on the edge” here at Grace. I am praying the Holy Spirit will give you keen insight and gentle discernment for those in your group who are in desperate need of His power and grace for their families.

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 10-09-11

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Genesis 25: 21-34 | 10/9/2011

I’ve heard encouraging stories already of joyful, loving gatherings of our people excited about living the Christian life together with those in their growth group. Keep up the great work, shepherds, of tending well to God’s flock! This week we will consider together both the struggle and the scandal of grace as we apply the message of “The Older Shall Serve the Younger” from Genesis 25:21-34. May your groups experience the wonderment of the apostle Paul as you ponder together the sovereign grace of our God. May you confess with Paul, “Oh, the depths of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!”

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 10-02-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | Genesis 25-27 | 10/2/2011

With joy and hopeful anticipation I welcome you all to a new year of shepherding beginning this Sunday! May the Lord bless you and your sheep with extraordinary, heart-changing caring, sharing, praying, and serving as you grow together with your dear flock. I am believing our God for a much-needed outpouring of His scandalous grace upon us all as we consider together “The Life of Jacob” this fall. I know I need a fresh and deeper vision and experience of God’s grace to radically transform the way I think and talk and interact with others. I suspect we all do. So thanks for joining the leadership of Grace Church on this joyful journey of growing in grace!