G3 Shepherd Training: Winter 2011

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 03-11-12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | James 2:1-13 | 3/11/2012

This Sunday we return to our series, “Living Faith: A Look at James” as we consider “Favoritism” from James 2:1-13

G3 Shepard Training for the week of 02/19/12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | James 1:18-27 | 2/19/2012

We are half way through our winter quarter already…where does the time fly off to?! If your group is anything like Pastor Tim’s and mine, you have experienced the results of “life happening” with those occasional weeks of low attendance. Make sure you listen to this audio for plenty of reasons why you can press on and be encouraged, rather than discouraged, whenever this happens.  

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 03-13-11

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 3/13/2011

Once again we come to the last week of another good Growth Group quarter. It is my earnest hope and prayer that the Lord has met you and your flock in deep and meaningful ways in your life together. Thanks so much for your faithful, servant leadership!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 03-06-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | Various Passages | 3/3/2011

I can speak from personal experience that the Church in India has the same goal as the Church in America…to make disciples! In fact this has been the primary mandate of the Church for all times and places on earth. This Sunday we will learn together how that is done as we look once again at the Church’s Great Commission in Matt. 28:19-20. As we celebrate baptism together this Sunday, it is our prayer that you shepherds will gently lead those in your flock who have not yet been baptized to take this all-important “first” step of obedience as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 

G3 Shepherd Training for the Week of 02-13-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | 1 John 4:9-10, 3:1-3 | 2/13/2011

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 02-06-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | 1 John 4:15-19 | 2/6/2011

What comes to mind when you hear the familiar phrase, “God is Love!” Is it primarily about His love for you? Our message this Sunday is a good example of the great value and benefit of preaching the great doctrines of the Bible. My old preaching professor at seminary used to say, “The doctrine is the drama” in all good preaching! The truth of God’s love is rich and sweet in 1John 4:15-19. What an overwhelming wonder and honor that we can share in it as we abide in Christ! Shepherds, may you revel in the love of the Trinity among your flock this week!


G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-30-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | 2 Timothy | 1/30/2011

What a great series of teachings we’ve had in 2 Timothy! I’m so grateful for the Apostle Paul and his wisdom in sharing so many important insights with Timothy and us for living a healthy Christian life. May all of us shepherds heed Paul’s instructions to place God’s Word at the center of our lives, prioritize mentoring relationships, grow in godly character, embrace suffering, and value the surpassing worth of the Gospel…and may our sheep as well!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-23-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | 2 Timothy 4:9-22 | 1/23/2011

What can we learn from the closing of a letter peppered with seemingly mundane requests? Let’s not forget what Paul has already claimed. “All Scripture is God-breathed and profitable!” Even the closing of his letter recorded in 2 Tim. 4:9-22 reveals Paul’s life is all about the Lord Jesus Christ…another great lesson for us in how to live a Christ-centered life!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-16-11

Tim Theule, Tim Arlen | 2 Timothy 4:6-8 | 1/16/2011

Do we really love and long for the second coming of Christ? Do we face our own mortality with confidence and calm? Our attitude about the “Lord’s appearing” has everything to do with whether or not we will live and die well! Tammy and I have talked a lot about the remaining years of our lives…we so long to die well! I am praying the Lord will use your discussions and prayers this week to help make that a reality for all of us who love Jesus!