Reel Grace 2018

Christians believe an audacious fact. At the heart of our faith is the bold claim that in a world full of stories, with a world’s worth of heroes, villains, comedies, tragedies, twists of fate, and surprise endings, there is really only one story. One grand narrative subsumes and encompasses all the other comings and goings of every creature— real or fictitious— on the earth.  -- Mike Cosper in 'The Stories We Tell'

Reel Grace:  Gospel Shadows in Today's Movies has quickly become a favorite series here at Grace. The big idea of the series is that all the stories we tell can't help but reflect God's big story of Grace across history and the Bible. And so we see beauty, brokenness, the search for meaning, sin, substitute saviors, great sacrifice and more in so many of our favorite movies. Our Reel Grace series explores these story elements, connecting to them to God's story of Grace in Jesus Christ.

Gospel Shadows in Coco

Tim Theule | 2 Corinthians 5:1-11 | 6/10/2018

Our Reel Grace series has become a summer favorite at Grace Central Coast.  We kick things off this year with a look at Pixar's animated hit, 'Coco.'