The Life Of David

David & Goliath

Tim Theule | 1 Samuel 17:2-11, 17-18, 25-51 | 10/21/2018

We continue our 'Life of David' series with a look at the very familiar story of David and Goliath.  Rather than write the story off as 'just for kids' and rather than misapply the story as a moral lesson for how we can conquer the giants of our lives, we want to 'see through' the story to see Jesus, our true and better Goliath slayer.  

David's Anointing

Tim Theule | 1 Samuel 16:1-13 | 10/14/2018

We continue our Life of David series with our first surprising and dramatic introduction to David in 1 Samuel 16.  Here we begin to see how the story of David, with all its triumph and tragedy, powerfully points beyond itself to Jesus, our 'true and better' David.  

Give Us a King

Ben Collins | 1 Samuel 8:1-22 | 10/7/2018

To rightly understand the significance of the life of David, we have to gain some context. This week we will look back at God's promise for a King in Israel, the wrongful desire for a King in Israel, and the deep longing in every soul for the true and better King of kings.

David's Shepherd

Tim Theule | Psalm 23:1-6, John 10:11-18 | 9/23/2018

Every year, our Fall Kick-Off Sunday is a BIG day of outreach and fellowship in our community.  It's a day when we 'turn the inside out to welcome the outside in.'  This year Fall Kick-Off Sunday also launches our Fall 2018 series, The Life of David with a look at the most well known and beloved chapter in all the Bible . . . Psalm 23, the Shepherd Psalm